Shinken 1.4 (aka Jiggly Jerboa) is out!

The new shinken version is out. This version focus on the enhancement of the Web interface, advanced distributed modes, and to dynamically change your thresholds based on the time!

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UI : Aggregation and custom views!

The WebUI was not forgoten in this version! The host view was the focus on numerous efforts to make importants states and metric just blow your mind. Services will now be put into trees (like one for Oracle and another for the system), and customs view allow you to show the information as you want!

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Multi brokers

The previouly broker daemon limitation is no more : now you will be able to have a distant realm/datacenter broker with local WebUI and a central datacenter one wiht another WebUI if you want. You will be also able to make dedicated brokers for specific use (like WebUI for one, perfdata for another) in few seconds!

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Time-based Thresholds

You got some "hot periods" when the load can be higer than during the day? Ok, now you will be able to setup time-based thresholds so you will be able to put the good threshold for the real load of the moment!

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Changelog Ready for the large Changelog.

To get a view about the large Changelog, just get here.

The 1.6 version What's next?

For the coming 1.6 version, there will be some changes in the core, and especially in the way we list, install and update packs and modules. This version will be out quite quicker than the 1.4 was, so maybe on 2 or 3 months. You can already get a look at this in the shinken devel branch and also into the others repositories ;)