Check_MK Multisite

Using Shinken with Multisite

Multisite communicates with Shinken through the LiveStatus module. If you used the sample configuration, everything should be ready already. :)

You can review the configuration using the following steps.

Enable Livestatus module

Configure Multisite

Latest versions of Multisite are included into Check_MK, which must be fully installed although we will only use the web interface.

To install and configure Multisite manually, follow instructions at MK website.

Best choice is to use Shinken install script (In Shinken versions >1.0). With addons installation option (./install -a multisite) it is fast and easy to install and configure it as Multisite's default site.

If you get some error installing Multisite related with unknown paths (“can not find Multisite_versionXXX”) perhaps you must edit init.d/shinken.conf file and adjust MKVER variable (search for “export MKVER”) with current stable available version of Check_MK as stated on MK website.

Check_MK install quick guide
  1. Install check_mk: Detailed instructions there. Shell driven install with a lot of questions related with Check_mk install paths and integration with Apache and existing “Nagios”. For Shinken some default answers must be changed to accomodate Shinken install.
  2. Edit config file, usually in /etc/check_mk, to insert a new site pointing to Shinken and write Livestatus socket address as declared at Shinken's Livestatus module. Socket may also be an unix socket (“unix:/some/other/path”).
  3. Restart Apache.


sites = {
  "munich": {
      "alias": "Munich"
  "Shinken": {
     "alias":          "Shinken",
     "socket":         "tcp:",
     "url_prefix":     "http://shinken.fqdn/",

Replace “shinken.fqdn” with the complete URI to reach Shinken host from browser (not!). Used by PNP4Nagios's mouse-over images.

If you plan to use Multisite only as web UI no more configuration is needed. Also you can disable WATO (Web Administration TOol) by including the line wato_enabled = False in

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